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India took its first tentative step towards economic liberalization in 1991. The economy was in the midst of a radical change and the Sponge Iron Manufacturers Association (SIMA) was constituted and started operation from 11 February 1992. It was officially registered under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 31 January 1994. The overall mood was of great dynamism, qualitative change and greater choices. It was felt, that if the government did not facilitate growth at this time, Indian economy would slip back into the moribund 70's. Therefore, the fundamental premise behind the formation of the Association was to promote and protect the interest of the Indian Sponge Iron Industry.

SIMA has come a long way since inception to bring all sponge iron manufacturers together. Now in a multi-dimensional role, it represents the Indian DRI Industry and provides a common platform for regular interface with the Government of India and other regulatory authorities. n the current economic scenario, the role of SIMA has significantly enhanced to maintain a coherent plan, which represents in totality, the requirements and hardships faced by the industry.

SIMA’s Objectives

  • To fulfil a role of providing a common platform for exchanging knowledge, experience & growth related aspects
  • To Provide a forum to review the smooth functioning of the industry vis-à-vis government policies, global development and market feasibilities
  • To act as an apex body to interface with government to promote & protect the ever growing needs of the industry in fast changing business environment.
  • To Keep an update on the database from the national & global point of view to keep the members informed of growth possibilities & future prospects for decision making.

Multidimensional Role

  • SIMA has been playing a vital role in making image of Indian sponge iron Industry & establishing the leadership in sponge iron manufacturing.
  • SIMA is a dynamic apex organisation working towards projecting achievements, policy related problems & technological update of the Indian sponge iron industry on various forums.
  • SIMA ensures adequate opportunities & exposure to its members in domestic and international technological developments / innovations in manufacturing, raw materials, energy, environment etc related issues.

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